Why Blog?

Blog iconClients ask, “What’s the difference between a web page and a blog post?” The first blogs in the 1990s were technical journals or personal diaries—”web logs”, which got shortened to “blogs.” Political blogs got a lot of attention in the late 90s, then businesses started to recognize their marketing potential in the 2000s.

A web page tends to show the same content over a long period of time, while a blog post is a dated entry in a continuing record or conversation. The blog usually shows its posts from most recent to oldest entries. A blog post often displays the date it was published, the name of the author, sometimes an avatar (image or icon representing the author), and keyword tags or subject categories. Most blogs allow readers to comment on the post, which helps to create relationships and build communities of interest.

Blogs are great for your business because

  1. They help position you better in search results. Search engines (such as Google) are constantly indexing content on the Internet, so publishing frequently gets your site noticed and increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  2. Well-written blogs establish your expertise.
  3. Blogs help build your brand awareness, especially when used with social media.

The best way to start a blog is just to start writing about a topic that’s important to your business. Keep it short and simple. If it’s of interest to you, then people interested in your business will find it worthwhile. Keep important search keywords in mind as you write and be sure to use them in the title and first paragraph of the post. That’s “SEO” in a nutshell … with more tips to come in a future post!